What is Bill Protection Insurance?

With the bill protection cover provided in this special offer, you could receive up to $500 per month for 6 months under the accidental injury benefit or sickness benefit if you were to suffer an accident or sickness that prevented you from engaging in your usual employment for more than 30 days.
This lump sum can be used in any way you see fit, for example bills such as rent, electricity, water, phone and internet or even a holiday.
These payments could be made to you for up to a maximum of 6 months, following a 30 day waiting period.
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And, With the Involuntary Unemployment Benefit you could receive up to $500 per month for a maximum of 3 months, for example, if you found yourself involuntarily unemployed if you’re an employee, or your business was placed under the control of an insolvency or bankruptcy administrator if you are self-employed.
There is a 90 day waiting period after the policy start date before you can make a claim on this benefit.