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Handbag Insurance

What is the total value of your handbag and everything inside? With handbag insurance you could insure it all.

A woman separated from her handbag would feel as lost as a wanderer in a desert. Losing a handbag can be very distressing; it means lost cash, bank cards, keys, driver’s license and other identity documents.

It also means several hours of store trawling hunting for that perfect handbag, which of course wouldn’t compare to the one that’s stolen from you.

Not to forget spending huge amounts on buying a new handbag, wallet, mobile phone, iPod, mini tablet, sunglasses, make-up and perfume and everything else that was in your bag.


Do you know what’s in your handbag?

For a woman, her handbag is a vault that contains things to satisfy her unexpected needs. Ladies handbags are a favourite target for thieves. Therefore, it’s always advisable to be aware of the contents of your handbag to be prepared for the worst—falling prey to a purse-snatcher or misplacing the handbag. It is recommended to keep your handbag closed and valuables in clear view.

  • Calculate the total value for replacing the items in the handbag. There are many websites and apps to provide guidance.
  • Replacement is easier when valid proof of purchase and photographs of the lost or damaged items are provided so it’s advisable to save them carefully.

You may think that your handbag only contains a few little essentials, but in reality items like bills and receipts, letters and bank details can cost you thousands of dollars, because handbags contain all the personal information that is needed for fraudsters to carry out identity theft.

Handbag Insurance can cover:

  • Theft

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