When a smart phone breaks,
phone insurance can help!

How much do you care for your mobile phone?

Phone insurance can make sense for an individually owned phone as well as company phones, a regular phone or a smart phone.

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Key features and benefits include:

  • Accidental damage protection
  • Theft cover including from vehicle
  • Protection against electronic or mechanical malfunction or breakdown
  • Quick and easy repair or replacement
  • Choose your own repairing shop or person
  • Smooth and simple claims processing
  • Choose from countrywide or worldwide cover options
  • Available for most ordinary phone types and smartphone models

Phone insurance helps relieve worries about paying for something that is lost or being tied down to a plan with a service provider for a mobile phone that has been stolen.

Here’s why it is a good idea to protect your mobile phone.

Your mobile phone is your constant companion. It has become an indispensable tool in your personal and professional lives. Whether it is an everyday requirement such as calling a colleague or friend, or putting a reminder for an important appointment, or an emergency situation, you mobile phone is one of the first personal possessions that you reach for.

Therefore, it only makes sense to insure and protect your mobile phone from any potential hazards or threats such as theft or accidents.

Smooth, hassle-free and immediate service is important, because your phone is an important part of your creature comfort as well as a fundamental business tool and asset.

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