androidWith our Android Tablet insurance, you can relax.

Do you have your whole life—personal and work—saved on one tablet? Your life just got easier with our Android Tablet insurance. We cover you on replacement or repair cost for stolen, lost or damaged Android Tablet.

If you find yourself in such a situation, True Insurance will replace or repair your Android Tablet.

Don’t just wish that you had Android Tablet insurance—get it.

True Insurance offers affordable and comprehensive Android Tablet insurance and provides coverage in the event of theft, accidental damage or loss when you are living in Australia or travelling temporarily overseas on holidays or for business.

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Our Android Tablet insurance will cover you for:

  • Accidental Damage : Rest assured in the knowledge that your Android Tablet is covered for any type of accidental damage. If your Android Tablet can’t be repaired, we’ll simply replace it.
  • Liquid Damage : Spilt coffee over your Android Tablet? We cover liquid damages.
    Cracked Case : Dropped your Android Tablet on the floor? Cracked cases and screens are very expensive to replace. True Insurance Android Tablet insurance covers cracked Android Tablet cases and screen.
  • Theft : Your Android Tablet is a tempting target for thieves. If your Android Tablet is stolen, report the theft to the police within 24 hours, and we’ll arrange for a replacement.
  • Electronic or Mechanical Breakdown : If your Android Tablet develops a fault, we will arrange for repairs.

Get the True Insurance advantage.

Why customers choose our Android Tablet insurance?

  • Great savings : Our comprehensive Android Tablet insurance policy saves you money when you compare with other insurance companies.
  • Easy does it : Dropped it? Spilt on it? Stolen? No worries. We have anticipated many potential scenarios. Just give us a call and we have got it covered.
  • Fuss-free : All we need are the original documents to establish proof of purchase and ownership of your Android Tablet with the date and serial number. So have them handy when you call us.

At True Insurance we build just the plan that you need.

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